Friday, May 21, 2010


So over three months have passed since I wrote anything in this blog. I'm not counting the photo-posts from my Thai holiday, as excellent as they were, I'm sure you all agree. Part of me wonders why it's been so long - it's not like being busy has ever stopped me from writing a little post here and there - and part of me wonders if I feel the need to maintain a personal blog anymore.


I think one major contributor to my inactivity on this blog would have to be my new-found preoccupation with my other (food)blog. I write there at least a few times a week. This is a little worrying, because it indicates I eat out far too often.

The other contributing factor would have to be twitter. When I first started tweeting, I thought of it as a cross between a facebook status update (I was on facebook before I hit twiter) and instant messaging. While it still serves both these functions, I finally understand why people were early on labelling it 'micro-blogging'. There is the potential there to quickly and easily post a short, sharp missive, link in tow, and move on with your life. I tweeted it, I'm over it, I've moved on. But does that instant acknowledgement-through-broadcast actually stop me from engaging with the things and concepts about which I'm posting? I think it might. And that worries me.

Ultimately, this is yet another one of those posts where I (or insert other blogger here) pledges to write more often, I guess. Why does the blogosphere seem so easy to categorise? I blame the tags.

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wordage said...

TELL ME ABOUT IT! I really think that Twitter has kind of killed blogging. The thing that kept us blogging was the way it connected us with other people. Someone would write a really interesting post. Somebody else would read it and be inspired to leave a thoughtful comment. And so on. But then Twitter came along - the crack of the blogging world - giving us an instant 'hit' of connecting with people without the need for brain activity. (There's an ad in the UK at the moment that sums it up with the phrase "I Just Bought Broccoli LOL" In the old days I would have put in a link to it, but now I can't remember how...)