Wednesday, December 09, 2009


So I ride past the Melbourne Museum each day to and from work, and often on weekends, if I'm heading to Carlton, or Brunswick. Most evenings there will be a few, or sometimes a gang, of guys with fixie bikes, riding around and practising tricks, much like there used to be skater boys doing the same. There's a predominantly Japanese group, who I've also seen riding around Smith St, generally just being cruisy and looking far too hip for their own good.

Then on weekends, things change. Often there are a big bunch of girls on rollerskates. I'm not sure if they're practising for a roller derby, or if rollerskating is just back in vogue, much like fixed speed bikes. Some of the girls have helmets and padding, but others just have the skates. They seem to dress largely in black - team colours, or just Melbourne fashion staple? Again, these girls look much too hip for their own good.

Last weekend, both groups were out in front of the Museum. While it's a pretty big space, I'd like to think their group egos would dictate that it's not big enough for the both of them. I want to see a turf war.

Rumble, nihongo fixie boys and deathmatch roller derby girls, RUMBLE!

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