Sunday, September 13, 2009

In the margins

I am a twit(terer). I'm not an early adopter, by any means, but since my reluctant entrance into the world of 140 character burst stream-of-consciousness blogging, I've found that rarely a few waking hours go by (unless I'm actually WORKING!? - and despite that, sometimes) that I don't seem to feel the urge to comment on something.

One interesting feature that twitter has is known as 'hashtagging', where you place a hash (#) in front of ostensibly a topic keyword, which is then optimised for people to search on the twitter site (or through its feeds). I find it more fun to use this hashtagging to internally comment on my own tweet, however. This often means my hashtags are largely nonsensical, and often snarky (eg. #wellmaybecanklesareinthisseason).

I'm also a little worried that this is a manifestation of a fragmented psyche, but it's amusing enough to let that slide for now.



hmmmm, guess i'll try this #ing and see what happens, i was wondering what was going on with your tweets

RRP said...

Personally, I'm a big fan of the #unnecessaryhashtags. Pooh to those who don't. Wait, am I over the 140 chars limit???